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RIP: Janusz Tryzno Founder of the Book Art Museum in Łódź, Poland

Janusz and Jadwiga Tryzno with an artist book created from all their bureaucratic correspondence regarding the saving of the Grohman villa in Łodź, home of the Book Art Museum. The book is topped with their “Gloria Artis” medals for “Distinguished Culture.” (Wikipedia)

Janusz Paweł Tryzno of the Book Art Museum in Łódź, Poland, died of cancer on May 28, 2021. Janusz and his wife Jadwiga received the APHA Institutional Award in 2015 for their creation and development of the Book Art Museum in Łódź. There is not yet an English language obituary; however, an article in the leading Polish daily newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza can be translated by Google. (Information provided by Ann Frenkel and Gwido Zlatkes, Mark Samuels Lasner Fellow, 2011.)

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